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Community Residential Support – Intellectual Disability



Hours of support are identified in the assessment.

The aim of the Supported Living Service is to build on the vision contained in the New Zealand Disability Strategy of a fully inclusive society. New Zealand will be inclusive when people with impairments can say they live in “a society that highly values our lives and continually enhances our full participation”.

With this kaupapa in mind, Te Tomika Trust aims to enhance disabled people’s quality of life and enable their community participation and maximum independence. This can be achieved by creating linkages with whanāu that allow disabled people’s needs to be addressed holistically in an environment most appropriate to them.

The Kaupapa

For an individual to have a greater opportunity for an ordinary life i.e.

  • A persona has increased personal knowledge and self determination;
  • A person holds the central role in all planning and decisions about their life;
  • A person is satisfied with the service;
  • Sustainable natural supports, relationships and networks are fostered and sustained over time so that people can be part of their community;
  • A person expresses satisfaction with their quality of life;
  • Meaningful connections with local iwi and hapu as desired are fostered and developed;
  • Formal supports respond to varying levels of need which may reduce over time;
  • There is enough and the right information so the persona can make informed choices and decisions (self determination);
  • The person’s sense of being respected and valued is enhanced;
  • The home environment is safe and meets the person’s preferences;
  • There is a collaborative and equal relationship between the three parties (the person, the NASC organisation and Te Tomika Trust);
  • Support is provided in a timely manner to meet the person’s needs and may be at any time during a 24 hour period.

Accessing Our Service

This service is for people who are eligible for Ministry-funded Disability Support Services and have been referred by a contracted Needs Assessment Service Coordination (NASC) organisation, namely Kupenga Hao ite Ora; Support Net.


The Supported Living Service does not deliver services that are separately purchased such as:

  • Household Management
  • Personal Care
  • Day Services and Vocational Services
  • Rehabilitation Services.

Exiting the Service

  • The Person may choose to exit Supported Living or ask to be supported by another Provider.
  • There may also be circumstances where the Provider is unable to meet the Person’s needs. Where applicable, the NASC will work with the Person, the Provider and whanāu to ensure the safe and appropriate transfer of supports and records that relate to the Person.

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